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authorities have identified all of the victims. there are 27 of them. 20 are children. the shooter's mother and the principal are among the adults who were killed. tomas is live where we heard an update. >> good morning, a short time ago a truck full of flowers arrived at sandy hook elementary school as the community begins to cope with the unimaginable horror of students lost at school. >> it all started on an ordinary day in unlikely places. a sleepy new england down, one of the worst mass shootings in this nation's history. >> authorities say 20-year-old adam lanza headed to sandy hook elementary school armed with a
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semi-automatic assault rifle and two high powered pistols. authorities have recovered more than three weapons. >> he was not voluntarily led into the school but forced his way into the school. >> hours before police say lanza had shot his mother at her home and headed to the school where he killed 26 people mostly children and himself. after the rampage ended, teachers led the students single fire to a nearby fire station. >> we had to close our eyes and put our hands on other people's shoulders and then our teacher held the first person's hand and led us out. >> frantic parents arrived at the school simply hoping to find their children alive. authorities are still searching for answers. they are also questions his brother and father trying to
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determine what led to the killing spree. residents of newtown says the horror still doesn't seem real. >> to see if it is really real, it's a nightmare. >> reporter: authorities say they have discovered evidence that helps explain how and why this happened but they will be working the scene for at least another day or two. >> katie: as we mentioned authorities released new information, the shooter, adam lanza forced his way into the building. police say he was not voluntarily led into the school. he gained access to the school by breaking a glass window near the front door. he brought three guns into the school and the weapons are registered to his mother. happening now in san francisco, small groups of
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people are gathering to remember the victims. >> just a few people have shown up so far. they are gathering in the memorial grove behind me. it's a group led by faith group. the organizer said they decided to hold the vigil regardless of religion, people need to be able to find a place to come together. you honor the victims but also to remember the good. we will have that interview with her coming up in about 30 minutes. what you are seeing now is video from a candlelight vigil last night in walnut creek where two dozen gathered and like so many vigils, this one came together fairly quickly after the tragedy. she was compelled to do is something while watching the news as the horror unfolded throughout the day. >> something like this, our
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hearts are broken but when we gather here like this, it shows our spirits are not broken. >> parents brought their school aged children and explained what happened in hopes of getting their children to understand what their families in connecticut are going through right now. back here in golden gate park the public is welcome at this vigil. they are expecting anywhere from ten to 80 people. you can come and offer prayers, write letters and remember those sweet young and old victims. >> katie: mass shooting has been emotional for parents. the dean of the school and education of psychology tells abc news you first need to confront your own feelings, whether those include fear and anxiety and speak to your child calmly and listen intently.
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the time to do it is now. >> i would talk today. i don't think it is worth waiting until the end of the weekend or waiting until a bright moment. the kids are experiencing this. they have to understand what does this really mean when an elementary school has this kind of tragedy. >> the doctor says you should reassure your kids they are safe in school. we have a lot more coming as the tragedy unfolds. stay with us for continuing coverage. you can receive updates on your smart phone by downloading our free news app. sign up to get the latest information at we're updating our facebook page news and at twitter. let's get our first look at the weather. >> good morning. this is a live look at our hd
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emeryville camera. we do have sunshine around the bay. enjoy it while we have it because the clouds will be thickening. it's a little chilly out there all across the bay area. we are still below freezing but we have this coming our way. it's rain developing throughout the bay area. it's going to take time to get here but we will look for light amounts of rain throughout the day. although it should be in the north bay as soon as 11:00. starting out with numbers below freezing and fog with low to mid 40s around the bay. by the afternoon, only upper 40s with low snow levels in the north bay, to the lower 50s around the bay. showering lingering to the evening hours. what about the rest of the weekend, last week before winter begins, i'll have the forecast for you coming up. >> our coverage of the deadly elementary school shooting continues. up next, you'll hear two young brothers describe the day. we'll have more on the school tragedy in connecticut in just a moment.
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when we heard gunshots, it didn't sound like army gunshots and policeman gunshots, we were hiding in my teacher's office. it was scary. we had to hide there because we were really near that guy. tha the guy could have come into the door. >> everything was fine and normal, friday morning would be and then it all changed.
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>> katie: that is how brothers, fourth grade students, describe the chaos as soon as shots were fired. we have live continuing coverage on connecticut and online at an investigation is under way after an off-duty chp officer was killed in a head-on in fairfield. it happened just before 6:00 on on highway 12 near red top road last night. the officer was on his personal motorcycle when he hit a pickup truck that was turning left. the officer was thrown and hit by the honda. unidentified officer was pronounced dead at the scene. >> an 82-year-old is facing felony charges of vehicular manslaughter after he was involved in a terrifying crash on interstate 280 in san mateo county. they say the man was speeding when his car veered on to the
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median. >> we were over the scene just minutes after a crash at i-280 and edgewood road. the driver had pulled next to the median to fix a flat tire. it was then this black volkswagen crashed into the lexus. >> there were four people total. three of the people were pronounced at the scene. >> a woman was killed and 28-year-old man and 28-year-old woman. it wasn't clear who was in and outside of the car. extent of the damage and force of the impact are important clues. >> it looks like speed was a factor. >> we have learned that the driver of this black volkswagen is an 28-year-old man from the bay area. he was taken to stanford medical center. once she rehigh schooled he will face felony vehicular manslaughter charges. it caused a traffic back-up for
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miles. investigators say neither alcohol nor drugs appear to be a factor but stress they are in the preliminary stages of their investigation. and lisa argen is here with a look at the forecast. we need to listen carefully because things are happening. >> a couple week systems at the beginning of the work week and then the rain will get more interesting. right here, right now from the roof camera, a little breezy. numbers in the 40s still around freezing, fog in north and east
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in response to criticism. university of california has decided to nix plans to use a new logo. it shows a scene nestled in a shield but came under fire from people that called it bland and nondescript. i want to go back to the logo they have used for 144 years. >> nasa's gravity mission of the moon comes to an end on monday. the space agency will intentionally crash the probe into a cliff. they launched the grail mission in september of last year. they say it has been a huge
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success. back here on earth, we need to know what to expect. a little bit of everything. >> it is still cold out there. 32 degrees in santa rosa. it was 29 by the delta. as we head outside, tahoe valley airport just 1 degree there. so they have clear conditions with a forecast of cloudy conditions later on today with a high of 33 at south lake. closer to home, our east bay camera with temperatures just in the low 40s. you can see the cloud cover here. we have a little bit of sunshine and we'll see more dry conditions throughout the morning hours across the bay before the rain heads our way. it will be hitting you first in the north bay and cold air in place and some of the valleys. it is going to be hard to get out of the 40s and low snow levels for lake county. rain is getting close to
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cloverdale. it is offshore and it is lighted but spread over the bay area and cold and damp afternoon. 35 in napa. oakland, 41. 36 in redwood city. 39, half moon bay. information is, 40. temperatures are chilly and with a little bit of fog out there the visibility has been poor from novato to santa rosa and livermore. so be careful. with the cold start we'll look for the chilly temperatures to linger into the afternoon. rain developing with a chance of showers into your sunday. today looks like the rain yes, sir day out of weekend with less rain. the system will head out of town. so far winter has not even arrived yet officially. look where we are in terms of our percent of normal. 143% of normal in downtown san francisco. 122% of normal in san jose.
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this first system, very weak. we'll call it windy and with this anemic looking front we won't see much in the way of rainfall throughout the weekend. best estimates will be in the north bay. here we are at noontime. you will notice the rain from san francisco to san rafael. with those cold temperatures, snow should be coming down in spots around lake county. not a lot of moisture associated with this system. as i pushes through the bay area, by 2:00 in the afternoon, that should do it. then we'll break out into scattered showers right through sunday morning. take a look. we're looking at mainly dry conditions throughout the afternoon until the next system heads through tomorrow night. trace through the south bay to tenth in the east bay. look at these temperatures. just mid and upper 40s for the lake county, 52 in watsonville. san francisco coming in at 52.
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only at 53. you'll notice a few showers tomorrow morning. monday morning's commuted looks wet. just a chance on tuesday. wednesday looks like the dry day friday, as winter begins. the n.b.a. observed their moment of silence to honor those school shooting victims in connecticut. this was the scene in denver where fans were asked to stand before the start of the game. larry beil begins our morning sports with the warriors and magic. >> good morning. sports clearly a diversion after what we saw what happened in connecticut. we'll start with the warriors trying to keep their road trip going. five wins is the most on east coast since 1962. welcome to the black party.
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first half, warriors were down 16 and get it out of here. magic, 7-13 and two against golden state. j.j. reddick, he had 16. orlando up 17. david lee bringing it. 23 points, 15 rebounds but the warriors never close than nine points. they drop their first game on successful road trip, 99-85. >> lakers trying to snap their four-game skid against wizards. kobe bryant, behind the back to dwight howard. 12 points for howard. wizard fans, the alley-oop from jordan crawford to webster. kobe finishes with 30. coming down the lane, somebody is going to block. 102-96 but they are 10 and 14.
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>> de lasalle goes against corona. two wins shy of 400 but he is openly talking about retirement. the coach has led de lasalle for 34 years. it's the one and only job he wanted. >> i wanted to be a high school teacher and i wanted to be at this school. that is when i was 24 years old. it never changed. never one to jump a level or anything like that. it's been very rewarding. it's been a good career. >> he is an amazing coach. 49ers head to new england. if the niners win they clinch a playoff spot. they have been focusing on the quarterback situation but don't forget about frank gore. he reached thousand yard mark
8:22 am
for sixth time in his career. gore banged up this season but he finds a way to block out paint. >> it was great. a lot of the case, the love of the game. it's how much he loves football. how much he likes practicing and playing this game. that has played a big part in making him such a durable guy week after week. >> and raiders host the chiefs on sunday. he puts his feather weight title against orisi. he weighed in 121 1/2. orisi barely made weight at 122 pounds even. that a wrap. mike will be here with all your highlights later on. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. our coverage of the school tragedy in connecticut
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continues. a community in mourning today as we are learning new information about the crime, the shooter and what exactly happened inside the school. amid all of the tragedy, life saving stories, the teachers that kept children safe and calm as the gunman opened fire in classrooms. >> live at golden gate park where a few members of the san francisco community are gathering to remember the 27 victims of the connecticut shooting. we'll bring it to you here live right after the break. >> a live look at san francisco at flag at half-staff on the embarcadero overlooking the bay as ordered
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it was not allowed enter if you will. >> new information from connecticut state police. they say the gunman adam lanza forced his way into the school. there are 27 victims including the shooter's mother, 20 children and seven adults in all.
8:27 am
police say the shooter brought three guns into the school and the weapons were registered to his mother. a community mourns and asks why did this happen. [ siren ] >> you are continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire. >> the first words were chilling and only got worse. >> they are reporting multiple fatalities involved in the shooting. >> with each new report the horror deepened. >> they say the number of dead closer to 30 than to 20 and sadly most of them are children. >> this morning, we know the death toll is 27. 20 of those killed were chin. there are still many questions. most common one is why? >> in these times, troubled, unthinkable happens in our very
8:28 am
midst our faith is tested. >> as residents came together at vigils friday night, law enforcement officials continue to work at the scene to piece together what happened. >> we consider an investigation to be massive. number two it's like a big puzzle. we have to put all the pieces together as to how and why this occurred. >> at the center, adam lanza, 20-year-old identified as the shooter. he had no known criminal record before entering the school on friday morning. he was found dead in a classroom apparently by his own hand. a former classmate that knew him described him as quiet. >> he was a little bit different. he mostly stuck to himself, but i don't know you could have predicted this. >> the victims are being mourned across the nation at this candlelight vigil at u.s. capitol but nowhere is sadness more than in this small community. >> he really struggled to find
8:29 am
the words as to what happened. >> even an emotional president obama had to fight back tears. >> this evening michelle and i will do i know what every parent will do in america is hug our children a little tighter and tell them that we love them and remind each other how much we love one another. there are families in connecticut that cannot do that tonight. >> one of the six adults killed was 47-year-old, the school's principal. she was known for her playful passion and just a month ago she dressed up as a sandy hook book fairy wearing a crown to inspire first graders to read. >> we're learning about the brave teachers who desperately tried to protect young students from the gunman. police s.w.a.t. teams tried to find the shooter. a first great teacher was killed
8:30 am
in the attack. she put herself between the shooter and children. "good morning america" george stephanopolous talked with her cousin who learned of her last acted. >> my cousin vicky, took the students and shielded the children in the closet trying to protect them in between the gunman and kids. yes, she is a hero. her life dream was to be a teacher. her instincts kicked in and protected the children from the harm that was coming. i'm sure she heard what was going on and went into lockdown mode. took her kids and put them in a closet. by doing so she lost her life protecting the little ones. >> the brave teachers and school staff helped students.
8:31 am
josh elliott has more from newtown. >> amid the anguish and tragedy and agony of the shooting at sandy hook elementary, there is incredible acts of heroism. >> i thought we all were going to die. >> she said that she locked the class of 15 in a tiny bathroom. >> i said we have to be very quiet. we need to wait for the good guys. >> down the hall, students in the third grade class, first heard the gunshots over the school's intercom. >> she locked the door and put a piece of tape over the window of the door. then she told us to go in the corner. >> pregnant and due with the baby any die, she tried to keep her class calm. >> we kept hearing gun noises. just kept hearing that. >> what is she saying to you?
8:32 am
>> she is saying it's going to be okay. >> what your friends and classmates doing at this point? >> we were in the corner and they were wide open watching everything. >> did you hear your principal scream? >> yes, she was crying. i thought she was screaming. that is what we heard over the loud speaker. we heard kids crying. >> parents rushed to the school desperate to find their children. >> as a parent what must have been those moments like? >> it's horrifying. you always worry about your kids but it is something you can never think it will actually ever happen. you never are really prepared. >> do you worry about going back to school? >> yeah, i do.
8:33 am
>> what do you want to say to her? >> i wanted to say thank you for saving my life and she saved all of us. >> we spoke to parents as they rushed to get their children out. >> what do you remember? what happened? >> we got to school. everything we needed to and then they heard this racket. we were like all scared. then we heard them say. >> everybody went to their cubbies did you hear more bad noises? >> yeah. >> while it was going on your teacher was reading you calm.
8:34 am
you love your teacher yewh. >> did she seem nervous? >> no. >> she just kept her calm and told you a story? >> yes. >> do you remember which one? >> she read the nutcracker and another book. that was about christmas. >> i love the nutcracker. do you love it? >> yes. >> i am afraid of the mouse king. it's not just me. so you are in there. how do you leave the classroom? >> we got in line and we had to close our eyes. >> you had to close your eyes? >> yes. >> when you opened them, where were you? >> we were walking down to the fire station. >> what happened and then it's over and you have to be happy you are okay. are you okay? >> yes. >> did you have pete there? >> no.
8:35 am
>> you know you are missing all the pizza. christmas list made and sent to santa. how long is the list? >> three pieces of paper. here is the bay area, groups of people are creating vigils to remember the victims. live in golden gate park where one is under way right now. has it begun? >> just a few moments ago, deep in this grove behind us at aids memorial grove, a few people gathering. an event put on by a group, they say it's important time to come together regardless of their religion. they do pop-up events and this is one of them. they are praying and writing letters and remember the victims. jennifer decided to hold the vigil this morning because she
8:36 am
says it is important to support one another regardless of religion and remember the good in our community. >> just practice with each other come together as a community. be reminded there are people that want to help and reach out and want to connect with each other. >> and this small gathering isn't the first. this is video from last night in mill valley where 20 people gathered to honor those that died and to support the survivors and find comfort in one another. people of all ages consult one another and remember the 27 people lost. one high school sophomore told "abc 7 news" she felt a personal connection to the tragedy. >> i felt that i have a younger sister. it could have been her. anyone going through that loss is so sad.
8:37 am
i hope it never happens again. i hope no one has to lose a family member to something like that. >> across the bay there was a village nil walnut creek. we do anticipate they will continue throughout the weekend as people reach out show their support and love for all those hurting. if you would like to participate. it is going on at aids memorial grove and you can pray and write letters. school officials were fielding calls from concerned parents. a few parents took their kids home yesterday. many school districts sent a letter home to reassure parents their children are safe at school. >> reporter: as news spread, so did a sense of insecurity in schools across the bay area.
8:38 am
>> it just remind need to appreciate what i have, to draw my loved ones closer. >> city police officers were available for any school to offer safety advice and sense of reassurance. >> they are not even adults yet and they are killing little kids. >> in union city the school district will have the first active school drill next march and they are keenly aware. >> with younger children, it's like a fire drill maneuver where you are reassuring the children and moving them around. >> they were coaching faculty members of how to spot signs of distress in kids. >> let them know, these things do happen. it rarely happens and there are adults they can go to when they are feeling afraid. >> in san francisco it was just
8:39 am
gut check time. school officials were reexamining safety plans since columbine. since then, police say their tactics have changed. >> we take immediate action. we know that lives are at stake. if there is an immediate pro problem, our officers are told to gather and engage. >> this morning, president obama is using his weekly address to ask all americans to keep the victims of violence in mind. >> as a nation, we have endured far too many of these tragedies in the last few years. an elementary school in newtown, a shopping mall in oregon, a house of worship in wisconsin, a movie theater in colorado, countless street corners and places like chicago and philadelphia, any of these neighborhoods could be our own. we have to come together and we're going to have to take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this from
8:40 am
happening. >> the president asked each american to extend a hand to families in their own communities. >> as developments continue to unfold in connecticut, receive urgent updates by downloading an app. we are constantly updating the school tragedy on our twitter feed, as well. also "abc 7 news" web team is sending out updates. sign up for a breaking newsletter at up next, new calls for gun control as people struggle for the tragedy in connecticut. people are thinking about how to prevent it from happening again. the theme is all too familiar in columbine, colorado. residents are reaching out to the people in newtown. our coverage of the school tragedy in connecticut continues in a moment.
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before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. gun control is once being debated after the tragic school shooting. it's taking place in the nation's capitol and right here at home. >> please lay out a plan of action of how we may address this scourge of gun violence in our communities.
8:44 am
>> the elementary school shooting in newtown gave rise to anti-gun rally outside the white house. they want to further restrict firearms to today's tragedy. in california we have the strongest gun laws in the country as ranked by the braid did did i campaign. >> california has the lowest fatality rates from firearms in the nation. >> they are considering reintroducing a bill that closes a loophole in the ban. more are in favor of restrictions, a gun store owner says the current laws are just fine. >> isolated incidents, it's tragic but we can't knee-jerk and think that is going to solve the problem because it really is not. if people want to do something bad they will figure a way to do it. >> other people feel things need that no change. >> watching the gun violence in
8:45 am
our society. i can't stand by and watch that. >> he grew up with guns. he attended this vigil at the plaza to remember the lives lost in connecticut. >> you really look inside of the mirror and take a look, maybe change a few things how we deal with guns and way we issue them and how we encourage violence in society. >> that was ama daetz reporting. april todd, 1999 the nation was horrified at television and saw high school students running for their lives in columbine. two students shot 12 sounds and teacher before fatally shooting themselves. >> here to provide all the support they need and message i
8:46 am
would like to send to them, they are not in this alone. >> he says denver has detailed diagrams for all of its schools and has taken steps to limit access points for better security. he does not think gun control or tougher laws will prevent mass killings. >> coming up at 8:47 and look what we need to know. >> we a little sunshine in san jose earlier. clouds will be overtaking the bay area. temperatures in the 30s. 30s and 40s this morning. light rain, breezy winds on the way. i'll let know how sunday looks and next week when we come back. >> katie: bay area students write letters to santa but not the typical letters you would think of. how they are working to help how they are working to help make s [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem,
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lisa argen is here with a look at the forecast. >> we had 29 at fairfield and 30s but warming up a little bit. cloud cover advancing and that is taking away of the bite in the air. east bay camera, all the cloud cover and light rain will be developing in the morning hours,
8:50 am
closer to the golden gate bridge. visibility has improved significantly as well as the livermore valley and santa rosa. we had some fog with the cold temperatures earlier. now just a lot of clouds out there. live doppler 7-hd does show the rain. it is running parallel to the coast right now. our friends in cloverdale and parts of the north bay could be picking up sprinkles. you can see the returns right here. the rain is off the coast. this system is a weak one. it will continue to progress to the south and slide in throughout the day today. that is going to bring us a chilly rain with southwest winds up to 20 miles an hour. 35 in napa. santa rosa, 32. 39 on the coast. 40, san jose. cold to start out about dry conditions, but sprinkles throughout the morning hours. we'll see the rain before 11:00 in the north bay. then afternoon light rain the
8:51 am
rest of the bay area. leftover showers tomorrow. this is cold system originating from the gulf of alaska brought temperatures below zero in the sierra nevada this morning. 11:00, you can see the rain, low snow levels for lake county. as it pushes through the bay, by the afternoon, look at mount hamilton, 4:00, we could see snow there. with widespread light rain around the bay it will be a raw afternoon. overnight, showers and by 10:00 tomorrow morning, we've got cloudy conditions. another system, a little warmer one is on the way for your monday morning. that will bring the wet pavement slippery conditions. this is going to bring in a little bit more rain. these systems won't amount too much. tuesday and wednesday look to be the driest days with sunshine. first system over the weekend, tenth to maybe a third in the north bay mountains but just trace amounts in the south bay.
8:52 am
52 in san jose. 50 and breezy half moon bay with rain showers spreading south. 53 in monterey. seven-day forecast, we'll see temperatures stay cool and looks like the mid-week dry spell gives way to heavier rain at the end of the week. >> as the tragic continues to unfold in connecticut, reminded the good in the world. we wanted to share a different story of hope and love. hundreds of students in fremont wrote letters to santa claus asking him to grant a wish to sick kids. lyanne melendez has their story. >> how many letters did our second graders pier here.... >> these are few of kids that wrote a wish on a piece of paper. >> my family and my friends.
8:53 am
>> my mom and dad have a great time in their life and not have to struggle with it. >> for the children to stay out of the hospital and feel better about themselves to be out. >> they their second grade teacher organized the project. >> it can be people close to them. it can be children from make a wish. some of the kids wrote about what they wish for obama. >> each letter, macy's donated $2 to make a wish foundation. organization grants wishes for kids with life-threatening medical conditions like shelby. she arrived at limo and had a shopping spree today before flying off to meet justin beiber students and parents managed to write more than 41,000 letters. >> high hands hurt but i keep on doing it.
8:54 am
>> the make a wish foundation will now receive more than $80,000 which will be spent on granting wishes to about 80 sick children. >> we wanted our kids to learn to go forward and think of others first. plus we're getting them to write. >> he told you us his baby sister had been sick. >> i hope she gets better. >> the power of believing. >> stay with
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8:56 am
8:57 am
we have breaking news in oakland, police are on the scene of a triple shooting in the area of 85th avenue and international boulevard. no word on victim's condition. we have a crew on the way and bring you the latest online at before we go, we wanted to show you a live picture a flag at half-staff along the embarcadero. president obama ordered it to honor the victims in ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey.
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perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious.
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>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everybody. i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo. and welcome to "wild countdown." to meet the world's most remarkable animals-- it's just like watching a family, the big father sitting down there. sometimes i have to go to extremes. >> it's absolutely, incredibly gorgeous.

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